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REG has performed water and wastewater engineering services for several large municipalities including the City of Columbus, Ohio, the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, and the Delaware County Regional Sewer District. Our firm has completed over sixty (60) water and wastewater projects for various municipalities and agencies in the State of Ohio. We have served as the Prime Consultant on both design and construction management services for water and wastewater projects ranging in size from One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000) to Fifty Three Million Dollars ($53,000,000) in construction.

REG’s wastewater experience has included process treatment facilities, wet weather treatment facilities, pumping stations, storm water and sanitary sewers, sanitary and combined sewer overflow structures and other open conveyance systems. The sewer projects have ranged in size from 8 inches to 144 inches and included rehabilitation by trenchless technology. On several buried infrastructure projects, we have replaced traditional open trench pipeline construction with micro-tunneling and other trenchless methods, which have proven to be environmentally and economically advantageous. The treatment plant projects have included new grit, pumping, disinfection, primary treatment, secondary treatment, and solids handling facilities.

Our water experience has included water main replacement, extensions, and rehabilitation. Water main sizes have varied in size from 6 inches to 96 inches and have included ductile iron, steel, PVC and pre-stressed concrete piping. Other distribution experience includes water booster stations and storage tanks. Our treatment experience includes ground water and surface water treatment facilities with emphasis on disinfection, softening, and filtration processes.

Our concentration in the water/wastewater engineering field has enabled us to develop tremendous capability and ability in handling large complex water distribution, storage and treatment projects, as well as wastewater collection, pumping and treatment projects
Water and Wastewater Engineering
REG’s Electrical and Instrumentation Group offers a full range of electrical and control expertise from the design of medium voltage and power distribution electrical systems to the design of low voltage control systems. Our electrical experience has included design of 10-100 MVA medium voltage substations, 120 to 480 VAC power distribution systems, motor control centers, adjustable frequency drives and various types of lighting systems for municipal, environmental and transportation projects.

Electrical designs for medium voltage substations can be stand alone, or multi-station line up in a loop or radial configuration. Our prior experience also includes upgrading trip relays from electromechanical type to solid state type. Designs for power distribution cover a wide gamut and include entire treatment facilities, remote service buildings, pumping stations, individual processes, office buildings, libraries, and laboratories. Designs for motor control include controllers such as variable frequency drives, soft start motor starters, delta-wye transition starters, auto transformer starters, DC motor starters, across the line starters, and servo-motor controllers. On prior projects REG has conducted lighting evaluations to determine if lighting systems meet OSHA, IES, or LEED Standards.

Our instrumentation and controls experience includes the selection of monitoring equipment, controls design for specific processes and systems; development of system functional descriptions; and programming. Instrumentation applications can be designed for sophisticated process monitoring or the measurement of simple parameters such as flow, pressure, level, pH, etc. Control systems can be designed for HVAC equipment, machinery, pumping systems, material feed systems, production lines, lighting, and motors. Designs can be developed using relays, PLC controllers or computer controls and can include interface networks such as Ethernet, ControlNet, DeviceNet and Data Highway. REG has performed programming services for PLCs, OITs, VFDs and HMIs. Programs have been developed for specific applications using RSLogix5 and RSLogix5000, RSView, Panelbuilder, Wonderware, iFIX, DriveTools and Modicon.

Design deliverables for electrical and instrumentation services include single line drawings; schematic drawings; plan and elevation drawings; panel, conduit and cable schedules; load charts; motor control center layout; wiring diagrams; process and instrumentation diagrams, and loop diagrams.
Electrical/SCADA Instrumentation And Controls
REG’s Civil and Transportation Infrastructure Group includes surveyors, field technicians, and site development & transportation engineering professionals. REG is certified by ODOT to design non-complex and complex roadways, Level I bridge structures and highway lighting.

Our surveying group has completed ALTA/ACSM Land Title, property boundary, topographic surveys; performed courthouse research and prepared legal descriptions and easements for construction, site development, roadway, landscape, water and wastewater projects. Our civil/site experience includes residential subdivisions, commercial and institutional sites, streetscape projects and industrial parks. Design services for these projects typically include site grading, utility layout, roadway design, permitting and storm water control and management.

REG’s experience in transportation covers a wide variety of major and minor assignments. Our transportation experience has included local streets, highways and bridges, and ADA compliant curb ramps. Improvements on roadway projects typically involve changes in horizontal and/or vertical alignments; pavement widening and the addition of designated turn lanes; addition of curb and gutter and sidewalks; intersection improvements; street scaping; street lighting; ADA compliant curb ramps; water main replacements and extensions; storm and sanitary sewer replacements and extensions. Bridge improvements typically involve bridge replacement or bridge rehabilitation. Bridge rehabilitation includes; deck repair or resurfacing; replacement of end dams and approaches; and sealing and patching of deteriorated concrete structure elements.

Design services typically include analysis of flexible and rigid pavement designs; utility relocations; geometric layout of roadways; drainage and erosion control; signalization; maintenance of traffic and construction sequencing; permitting; public meetings; grant coordination; constructability reviews; and lighting layout.
Surveying, Civil And Transportation
REG has provided construction management and inspection related services on over half of its design projects. We have also provided these services for projects designed by others and have served in the capacity of Prime Consultant and Sub-consultant. Our staff is seasoned and includes construction managers, construction engineers, inspectors and document control personnel. Some of our personnel are multi-disciplinary and have the capability to provide civil, structural, mechanical and electrical inspections. Most of our staff is also trained to observe and manage soils and material testing. Our construction managers and engineers are capable of reviewing plans and specifications and providing value engineering recommendations for cost improvements.

Our Construction Services Group is capable of reviewing bids and offering recommendations; conducting monthly progress meetings; developing and progressing Project Bill of Materials; supervising independent contractors and testing services; maintaining inspection and material delivery records; monitoring construction schedules; reviewing submittals and required documents; observing construction; preparing close out documentation; reviewing Payment Applications and Certified Payrolls; resolving construction interferences and claims; assisting with start-up and commissioning. Construction services have been provided for civil, transportation, and environmental projects with construction costs up to $53 Million. Transportation Projects have included ODOT LPA projects. Our staff is also very knowledgeable in the use of construction management and document control software including Primavera, Expedition, and Timberline.

REG’s pursuit of project excellence compels the firm to address features unique to a particular construction site, design objective, client, and community. Construction Management and Inspection Services are critical and take the project from the bidding phase, through the construction phase and into successful operation. Most costs on a project are expended during the construction phase, therefore budget and schedule control are essential elements of good construction management. REG’s staff is capable and available to assist its clients in meeting the demands of construction activities on its projects.
Construction Management Experience
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