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REG has been providing quality engineering and construction management services to municipal, industrial and private clients in the State of Ohio for over thirteen (13) years. We have tailored our services to serve the needs of our diverse clientele. Our services are backed by effective support systems including, computer based project scheduling and cost control software and state-of-the-art computer aided design and drafting software. A full listing of the services we offer is provided below.
Ribway Engineering Group, Inc.
Municipal, Industrial and
Private Wastewater Systems
Ground and Surface Water Drinking Systems
Site and Civil
Construction Engineering and Management
• Construction Document Control
• Construction Scheduling
• Resident Inspection
• Claims Avoidance
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• Supply
• Treatment
• Storage and Distribution
• Treatment
• Pretreatment
• Collection and Pumping
• Collection
• Retention
Storm Water and Drainage Systems
• Surveying and Easement Document Preparation
• Land Development
Transportation Infrastructure
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